Niklas Schwarz

“My viola is fun to play and it is as easy to produce a big sound as it is to play soft. Every time I take this instrument out of its case, I instantly get exited and can not wait to start playing!” Niklas Schwarz, Principal violist of the Essener Philharmoniker and violist of the […]

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mihail jojatu

Mihail Jojatu

“My Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello is a very special instrument with a unique, beautiful tone and a marvelous range of many different colors. I’ve played many Italian instruments that don’t even come close to my Luis and Clark cello. I like it very much!!” Mihail Jojatu, Cellist, Boston Symphony Orchestra

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michael bacon1

Michael Bacon

“My Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello stays with me every step of the way. From the most intimate recording session to the raucous demands of performing and traveling. I’m a believer.” Michael Bacon, The Bacon Brothers

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