The Finest Carbon Fiber Stringed Instruments in the World

Luis and Clark instruments are used throughout the world by many of the finest players in world class orchestras, crossover popular artists, and musicians from every walk of life who value powerful sound, pure pitch, and exquisite craftsmanship. We invite you to discover more about the instruments throughout this website.

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January 2009

The first all Carbon Fiber Cello and Chamber Orchestra Concert was presented by The Calhoun Performing Arts Series in the Mary Lea Johnson Performing Arts Center at The Calhoun School, New York, on January 2009. Carbon Fiber Cello and Chamber Orchestra Concert, Calhoun Performing Arts Series, NY, January 2009. PHOTOS: Beth Krieger/The Calhoun School

Mihai Marica won the 33rd International Music Competition

Playing a Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello, Rumanian cellist Mihai Marica […]

That Carbon Fiber Cello

By now we all probably know that Yo Yo Ma did NOT play his carbon fiber cello at the Inauguration and we didn’t hear the real notes he actually did play. But Mr Ma does play a carbon fiber cello and did play one at the Washington Mall for 10 days in 100-degree heat during a Smithsonian Folklife Festival in 2003. He said that in heat like that he could control the strings on his carbon fiber cello in a way not possible on a wooden cello, and joked that the instrument could probably even double as a barbeque.