George Durham

George Durham is an American freelance cellist living in Seoul, South Korea. He performs throughout Korea with the folk rock band Monobarn, and the harp and cello Arpege Duo. He was a member of the first Youtube Symphony orchestra, and maintains a popular cello channel on Youtube. He has played solely on a Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello since 2011.

“This is an inspiring cello and I love playing on it! It is so responsive and the notes speak so clearly across the whole range that it actually improved my playing. It projects well, and you can draw a really gorgeous sound. I use it for everything – chamber music, live rock clubs, studio recording, playing outdoors…people always compliment it. I also like the fact that in two years I haven’t had to deal with a single open seam, and I can check it on a plane without worrying like I do with a wood cello.” – George Durham.



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