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The Bacon Brothers at the Michael Bacon Music studio

The Bacon Brothers at the Michael Bacon Music studio, New York City November 2001

Luis and Clark at Seven Hills, Lenox 2007

Lawrence Wolfe plays the Luis and Clark Carbon-Fiber Double Bass in Concert with Pianist Carmen Rodrigues-Peralta. 7/30/2007. Serge Koussevitsky: Two Pieces for Double Bass and Piano.

Caroline Leguia at age 15

Caroline Leguia playing Bach from the 2006 7 Hills concert.

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Josephine van Lier selects the Luis and Clark Cello

For quite some time, I wanted to purchase a cello that I could safely use for teaching; my 1870 Mirecourt cello suffered quite seriously from being picked up and put down a thousand times a day, not to mention being dropped against the stand, I confess.

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Carbon-Fiber Cellos No Longer Playing Second-Fiddle to Wooden Instruments

February 25, 2009

 - Scientific American Historically, carbon-fiber composites have beefed up airplane and space shuttle wings, formed rocket nose cones, and sliced through the waves in the America's Cup.

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Derek Gomez’s carbon fibre cello unique

It's lighter, cheaper and it turns heads in the pit: Derek Gomez plays his $7,500 (Canadian dollars) space-age cello.

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The Double Bass is Here

“The bass sounds just magical in the middle register and totally sings when soloing. Plus it's a ton of fun to play - the sloped shoulders are really comfortable and make accessing the upper register very easy...."

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Luis and Clark at the 2009 Inauguration

Luis & Clark instruments take over the Inauguration! 44 Luis and Clark carbon fiber instruments were used exclusively by The Marine Orchestra during the Inauguration ceremony.

Philip Heyman and Luis Leguia

Philip Heyman is the principal viola of the Welsh National Opera Orchestra. He owns and plays a Luis and Clark viola. During the month of January, he and Luis Leguia played two recitals at the Welsh Royal College of Music, Oxford University and the Victoria Albert Museum in London. Read the article.

Selecciones-Readers’s Digest: Innovadores

A veces, un momento de inspiracion concluye en un gran triunfo.

El Universo

Luis Luguia, musico estadounidense Un renovador del violoncello

Luces: El Chelista

Inventor del instrumento de fibra de carbon, especial para solistas, Luis Luguia ofrece hoy un concierto con la Orquesta Sinfonica National